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Our depth of knowledge and our appropriate qualifications

Is there work to do in your home or your company building? Jobs that need craftmanship or maybe you just do not have the time to do it yourself? BouwlinQ’s team of specialists is at your service for all kinds of projects, large or small. From replacing window frames with double glazing to making a new bathroom or kitchen; and from isolating rooves, floors and facades to constructing a completely new extension in length or height. Perhaps you need a new garage, one more floor to your house or maybe your roof needs replacing? BouwlinQ undertakes all your building needs, including the necessary building permits. BouwlinQ takes care of all the details and in “no time” your living conditions will be dramatically improved..

Monumental refurbishments

Not every construction company is familiar with renovating historical monuments. BouwlinQ is! We have all the skills, knowledge and experience to undertake such special assignments. Working together, we will find a way through the maze of rules and regulations concerning the protected status of the building. Furthermore, besides all the restrictrions there are also often possibilities to obtain building restoration grants. Ask for information and trust BouwlinQ. We will make sure that you are on the right track.